EU Space Design Competition

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The following have been invited to join the EU team. This is not yet funded by the SSEF, and individuals will be expected to find their own funding to attend except for board and room on Friday to Tuesday of the ISSDC competition. We will happily advise on potential sources of funding if requested.

2019 EU team and reserves


2018 EU team and reserves

Dougeldyne (in alphabetical order)

Georgia Aspinall – The Brooksbank School

Corinne Barker – The Brooksbank School

Emyr Williams – Dulwich College

Dougeldyne reserves(in order):

Andre Nowaczek – Dulwich College

   Benjamin Miller – Dulwich College

   Emily Swift – Bournemouth School for Girls

Grumbo (in alphabetical order)

Sherry Deng – Cardiff Sixth Form College

Molly Fisher-Newton – Bede’s School

Felix Larner – St Paul’s Catholic College

Grumbo reserves  (in order):

Amaan Abbas – Cardiff Sixth Form

Tim Scott-Ruit – Bede’s School

Michael Crummey – St Paul’s Catholic College

Rockdonnell (in alphabetical order)

Bruce Lay – St Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

William Edwards – Trinity School of John Whitgift

Ana Vukasovic – Kingham Hill School

Rockdonnell reserves (in order):

Anastasia Sheptitskaya – Francis Holland School

   James Reid – Trinity School of John Whitgift

  Thomas Hudson – Woodchurch High School

Vulture (in alphabetical order)

Hugo Binelli-Thomas – Ardingley College

Sophia Lee Roberts – City of London School for Girls

Annabelle York – Nonsuch High School for Girls

Reserves (in order):

Abigail Horton – Ardingley College

Tom Hobbs –  City of London Freemen’s School

Anahita Laverack – City of London School for Girls