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UK Space Design Competition
Galactic Challenge
European Space Design Competition
Middle East Space Design Competition

UK Space Design National Finals

Reasons to attend

Become the president of your company, the head of engineering or marketing or design robots and computer systems. Do all this including presenting on your own. You lead and run your company. Teachers and adults won't tell you what or how to do things. Present your companies ideas and if you are the best company; the Foundation Society awards you the contract to build the space settlement.

Learn more than you ever thought you could
A chance to go to NASA's Kennedy Space Center
Make like minded friends

"The single most important thing that has ever happened to me ... the extent to which I had the experience of a lifetime, learnt unimaginable amounts about space engineering and design, and how close the team got over the trip is beyond my wildest dreams."

Kirsty Rodger

Our sponsors

Students will never forget the people they meet, the friends they make or the supporters that helped them in their early life. Sponsoring the SSEF is not a one way street. It is as good for you and your future as it is for the young designers and explorers of tomorrow.