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Engineering Preparation Programme

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Yichan Yuan
Academic Director of ASDAN China
Mobile: +86-18618356360

Imperial College London 15TH July – 19th July 2019

What is engineering all about? How do scientists engineer the world? What effects will engineers have on the future? Hear and work with experts in exciting areas including space settlement design, artificial intelligence, space exploration, automation engineering along with topics not normally discussed – human and operations engineering.

Considering engineering opens up a diversity of career choices. Chemical, electrical and structural engineering are aspects of the industry that are logical to envisage, and Artificial Intelligence, space exploration & automation are all hot topics we see in the in the news all the time. However, there are myriad niche areas: bio engineering, medical technology, nanorobotics, artificial intelligence, 3d printing, the future of Isaac Asminov’s “Positronic Man”, and space habitats to name a few. We will explore some of these topics along with the less well-known aspects of human and operations engineering

The future of societies will depend on scientists and engineers working together, and in this course, we will use space settlement design to explore future engineering and careers within the industry. Space settlement design requires advanced engineering solutions for a future society to survive and prosper and allows those participating in this course to extend their scientific knowledge and see how relevant their current studies are to their future career trajectories.

You will be awarded a participation Certificate and there will be several award certificates for individual achievement.