Engineering Preparation Programme

Engineering Preparation Programme at Imperial College London

Engineering Preparation Programme

7 Day EPP starting February 14

Feb 14- 21 schedule

The Engineering Preparation Programme      Online July 12-16 2020      Residential Brochure 2021

The EPP  is an intense 5 day programme for students wanting an introduction to engineering. It is intended for 14- 18 year old students. It is held twice a year in late January and again in mid July at Imperial College London’s central London campus near the Natural History Museum, Albert Hall, Hyde Park and the Science Museum.  Following the 5  days the students are challenged with what they have learned in Space Settlement Design Challenge similar to the UK Space Design Competition,  During summer of 2020 EPP students will be able to participate in an online GSDC programme run by the Global Space Design Challenge. 

During the 5 day course – students will attend lectures and workshops, tour an aerospace company such as Rolls Royce. The lectures and workshops are held at Imperial College London’s South Kensington Campus. You will be privileged to learn form Space Agency representatives, industry professional, university academics as well as dozens of alumni from the UK Space Design Competition. You will receive certificates of achievement.

The  Space Design Competition is a science and engineering competition designed as a simulation of life in industry. It  aims to enable students to experience the vast potential and valuable opportunities available through future study, or even a career, in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths). You will learn much about working in a team. Communicating to a large group. You will receive certificates following the competition as well a medals for the winning team.

Please see  the online programme and the three day online Space Settlement Design Competition run in conjunction with the Global Space Design Challenge summer programme.

Put your technical knowledge to the test as you work to solve genuine space engineering problems and find a solution to a simulated Request-for-Proposal.
Design methods to keep humans alive (and happy) in outer space or on the surface of other worlds where you’ll integrate solutions with the natural environment.
Work within or help manage a large team of dynamic, like-minded students as you endeavor to produce a 50 slide, 35 minute presentation in just 24 hours.
Art and Design
In order to produce a 50 slide presentation in just 24 hours, someone has to convert the science and engineering into a visual presentation. There is a workshop on CAD design during the programme to help you learn the technical aspects of converting your art and design onto computers and manipulating them. Your company team needs high quality designers to succeed.